Tarot Universal Dali

Tarot Universal Dali
Dee Dee & Salvador Dali

Friday, April 2, 2010

El Diablo

The Devil cut itself from the full Tarot Universal Dali deck this Good Friday morning. Already such a difficult dual messaged card from The Magician Dali. This is not the Devil. Who is this?

In any other deck this Hermaphrodite of a Devil would represent The Fool, the card that launches the Major Arcana. Traditionally
The Fool marks a beginning, perhaps naive but willing to skip into the great unknown, The Future. The Fool is assembling.

The Devil is a dissembling force as traditionally shown in the Rider Deck. Tarot Universal Dali instead layers meanings over meanings to provide an exit from a dissembling existence.

That would be just like The Magician Salvador Dali to find an exit from Hell. Hell it would be if even all sensual pleasures stood but lost were the spiritual, mystical and uplifting. It would be as if trapped in a cave without light, without hope even faith that there is greater Life than the physical world. Does The Magician today to extol us to roll the rock from our path?

Gala's Grail A Dali Codex by Kora Silver http://www.myspace.com/korasilver explores a search for the deeper meanings of Dali's life and work. Her investigations continuously guide this DeeDee & Salvador search for meaning. She highlights The Magician's quote, "The day that people begin to study my works seriously, they will see that my painting is like an iceberg of which only a tenth of its volume is visible."

The Devil as a symbol, suggests Rachel Pollack in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom projects the "view that nothing exist beyond the world of the senses." But Tarot Universal Dali, Pollack notes, "can lead to a different view. To reach enlightenment we must first pass through darkness."

For the depiction upon Tarot Universal Dali's El Diablo, Silver credits ancient Greek sculptor Polycletus who established the proportions deemed the physical ideal of perfection. This hermaphrodite? Does she confuse the polycletus butterfly with the monarch at the end of the Devil's staff? Surely not. Silver's work is far beyond such oversight. It is rather The Devil at work, misleading us, over and over again.

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The Devil is card XV of the Major Arcana -- 15, which is reduced to 1+5, sending a reader to the 6th card, VI of the Major Arcana, The Lovers. For readers of Tarot Universal Dali from El Diablo to Los Enamorados. Here is the Polycletus butterfly, cloaking Neptune from Jan Gossaert's "Neptune and Amphitrite."

Then Tarot Universal Dali rips apart Gossaert's lovers, yanking off their arms turning them from blended oil on a wooden panel into an image of an ancient Greek statue such as Polycletus left behind.

Comment: Let loose, let loose cries El Diablo. do not live posed even if in in perfect perfection of the physical. Do not accept temptation -- those pushing hands -- but tempt life yourself: Leap, test both taboos and doctrines to find your truth beyond the merely physical world. Let loose. Live fully. Reignite.