Tarot Universal Dali

Tarot Universal Dali
Dee Dee & Salvador Dali

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Eternal Obsession of Don Quijote

Since the last blog, which is to become the first of this newly directed exploration, this painting by Darwin Leon -- which came to me through cyberspace while researching O-El Loco -- The Fool from Tarot Universal Dali -- has demanded my attention.

So here it is.

Here it is better http://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-eternal-obsession-of-don-quijote-darwin-leon.html -- no endorsement intended.

What is our eternal obsession with lost causes? Is this Dali's message with his fool?

As we age, Tarot Universal Dali suggests we are still offered opportunities to be filled with pure hope. It is even possible that we gain from the fall. Certainly we gain insight more quickly from failures than through day-by-day evolution.

How to navigate through a world of temptation and fear and still hold onto hope? And how to regain ourselves to once again brave the knowledge we can fail with the conviction that we will survive the fall.

Let go, cries El Loco, Let go.

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